XD 5 Protect tent Set - Fire Department

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Including individual printing, 4 side panels, ballasting, rucksack. The colours for roof,... more
Product information "XD 5 Protect tent Set - Fire Department"

Including individual printing, 4 side panels, ballasting, rucksack. The colours for roof, columns and walls can be chosen individually from the standard colours (black, red, grey, red, blue).

 XD Protect Quick User Guide


  • Tent (roof & tubes) incl.3 x side walls with reflective stripes, 1 x door wall with reflective stripes
  • Printing of the 3 side walls with individual thermal transfer print graphics with your logo and / or sponsor logo (max. print size per wall 0.75m²)
  • One-pump system with adapter for compressed air bottles (for uniform air distribution to all 4 tubes), additionally each tube has a valve connection for filling with an electric pump or hand pump, a pressure relief valve as safety function and compressed air indicator.
    The XD 5 requires compressed air for filling (compressor - without lubricator and with pressure reducer- or 2 bottles), alternatively an electric pump (Bravo 2000) can be used.
  • 4 x tube ballasts
  • Hand pump, adapter for compressed air bottles
  • Backpack for transport/storage

Further accessories available on request.

With the included tube ballast: 30 km/h
With additional tube ballast: up to 60 km/h possible

Special materials are certified according to the German standard DIN 4102-1 and the US standard CPAI 84 component classified as "flame-retardant".

X GLOO tents can be connected to each other as required using tunnel elements - up to a tent city. The walls can be used flexibly - so that space can be partitioned off or space created at any time and anywhere.


Product Details "XD 5 Protect tent Set - Fire Department"


Inflation Time: < 3 min (compressed air cylinder) / 10 min (electric pump) / 23 min (hand pump)
Compressed air coupling (female): for 9mm-diameter hose; 7,2mm nominal width

Side length: 16,4 ft  |  5,0 m
Entrance height: 8,2 ft   |  2,45 m
Total height: 10,7 ft  |   3,25 m
Tube diameter: 0,9 ft   |  0,30 m
Covered area: 161 ft²  |   15,0 m²
Weight: 44 lb   |  20,0 kg
Air pressure: 0,3 bar  |   4 psi

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